For all who have entered into God’s rest have rested from their labours, just as God did.”  Hebrews 4:10

Our Mission

Bethany’s mission is to provide a place of retreat for rest, reflection, and restoration for Christian workers. In scripture Jesus withdrew from the demands of His hectic life to rest and pray.  We too should take a break from our work, whatever that is. 

To encourage the rest that Jesus demonstrated, we offer an intentional place to step into retreat and communion with God. We welcome all church denomination members and take special emphasis in caring for those who are engaged in full-time gospel work.


Your Retreat Experience

Bethany offers warm hospitality and comfortable spaces to encourage rest and renewal for all our guests. Whether you are on a personal, family, or church group retreat, there is something for everyone to encourage refreshment. Here is a list of what is available, please enquire for further information:

Pastoral Care, garden prayer stations, prayer labyrinth, prayer room, weekly worship & devotions, playground and children’s toys, basketball court, BBQ pit, and reading materials.

Additionally, simply relaxing in our comfortable guest homes or enjoying the nearby beach and walking trails, is a great way to have your retreat.   

Our Team

Jenny, Hospitality Assistant
Cherry, Kitchen Manager
Vicky, Hospitality Assistant
Uncle Chan, Hospitality Assistant
Tina & Caleb, Ministry Manager & Husband
Bertha, Spiritual Care Director
Glesy, Hospitality Assistant